we build public charter school buildings
for students in neighborhoods where the
need is greatest. we are changing lives,
revitalizing communities and solving
our nation's educational crisis.

The Problem

The public school system in our country is failing. We once were in a position of educational leadership, but now our nation is ranked #22 globally.

Low performing schools perpetuate a downward spiral financially and educationally. There is an urgent need to provide access to excellent public charter schools.

The Solution

Access to high quality public charter schools is the answer. For many families, a seat at a public charter school is the only chance their children will ever have to escape poverty and to receive an excellent education.

We partner with the nation’s best educators to create public charter schools for students in communities where the need is greatest.

Civic Builders is the catalyst and foundation for positive change that will have an impact on generation after generation.

What we do

Planning & Project Management

  • Work to fulfill a school's vision, mission, culture, academics, financial resources, and project objectives.
  • Assess and develop a framework that includes designs, timelines, and budgets.
  • Assist with site selection, school design, development, and lease or purchase negotiations.

Financing Solutions

  • Find affordable financing packages for facilities development.
  • Secure New Markets Tax Credit allocations.
  • Our generous donors often help bridge financial gaps for schools.

Development & Construction

  • Develop sites to be subleased or sold to schools at below market rates.
  • Help navigate the complex construction process.
  • Manage contractors to deliver on time and on budget.
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In underserved neighborhoods like the South Bronx, students only have a 1 in 3 chance of graduating from high school. Civic Builders is redefining the future for these students, by giving them a 3 in 3 chance of graduating.

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Only 33% of kids graduate from high school in Hyde Leadership Charter School’s neighborhood. In dramatic contrast, Hyde graduates more than 90% of its students each year.

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