Angel Morales, Chair of the Board
Bronx, New York

Comp Sci High

“With Civic very early on, we were true partners. Civic is there to support schools. They understand the needs and from the very beginning it felt like Civic was on our side.”

The vision of Comp Sci High has always been to combine the fundamental components of a typical charter school with a career-oriented curriculum, giving students the tools they need to support not only themselves but their families and their community. Located in the South Bronx, the school seeks to provide its students with learning opportunities they would not otherwise have, including resume preparation and mock interviews.

Comp Sci High outgrew its space quickly. As a result, the school had to split students between two separate sites, leaving students and staff feeling isolated. After an extensive search for a partner to help them find a new facility, Comp Sci High connected with Civic and immediately knew it was an ideal match. Through their real estate development services, Civic provided guidance on every stage from identifying the space, to hiring the right architects and ultimately, managing the construction process. The new building, which will open in summer 2024, will allow Comp Sci to operate on one, united site, and will further enable the school to execute on its mission to serve the entire community.

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